Client Testimonials


I have gone to True Natural Health with Efren and Nancy a few times. Each time the recommendations and natural food and mineral supplements they gave me helped tremendously. That was enough for me to know they are the real deal. However, I've been having quite a bit of thyroid area swelling in my neck, puffiness in my belly area, and just not feeling right - also my right  shoulder has been hurting for about 7-8 months (didn't think that was related at all). In my last appointment Nancy tested for my shoulder issue and indicated that she thought it might be related to the thyroid issue. I was thinking that would be incredible if their recommendations and supplements could help that too, but was not sure it was really related.

Well, yesterday after just over a week of the supplements, all of my swelling has seemed to go down, then something else happened. ALL of my shoulder pain went away!! What? I'm truly impressed and amazed - when I think about it, my body is very intuitive and knows what it needs. 

Nancy and Efren simply have an access to what my body is saying. I'm truly grateful for the beautiful way they have cared for me and how effective their suggestions and supplements have been. Thank you so much!!


I was suffering from sinus infections from October to December yearly, and was always miserable. After limited improvement with traditional therapy, I began taking True Natural Whole Food Supplements. My sinus symptoms let up within two months and I haven't had a sinus infection. I now get stuffiness every couple of months. The program has changed my quality of life. This is all natural, and it works.

Ashley B

I have a hard time knowing where to begin with the abundant amount of care and health I have been so blessed to receive through this amazing practice. Efren and Nancy Barrientos are the most sincere practitioners I have ever come across in the medical world. Even the Office Manager, Dustin, is the most kind-hearted individual you'll ever come across. They will do whatever it takes to fit you in to their schedule and get you out of pain and suffering. I spent 7 years seeking help from doctors for problems that only continued to get worse with little to no explanation to the root of the illnesses or how to get my body to heal.

From the FIRST WEEK I went to True Natural Health, I began to heal and could actually feel it. From bladder infections to liver disease, thyroid problems to parasites... it has all been dealt with through noninvasive measures, diet and prayer. I have even taken my child who suffered from chronic ear infections - they found the root of it, as simple as cutting out gluten and dairy and adding food supplements to his daily routine, and he has been completely free from them ever since. My husband has suffered asthma and lung problems for 12 years, and after less than 6 months of going to True Natural Health, he is already 70% better this time of year than he has been in the past 12 years. We have no doubt complete healing will manifest.

We thank God for sending them our way to show us how diet and dangerous toxins have had an effect on our bodies. We are so thankful to be moving forward with a healthy and non-toxic lifestyle. All Glory be to God!


Since my first visit to True Natural Health, I have given up quite a few things, including; my scale, headaches, chronic bronchitis, 60 pounds of unneeded weight, spending tons of money on processed foods and lack of energy. Wow! I never thought giving up so much would feel so good! Thank you, Nancy and Efren.


I went to this new holistic place because I'm sick of doctors always pushing more drugs.Wow. I can't believe that after the initial visit, I was given a few supplements to take and four hours... yes, four small hours later, I had total relief from my head cold, stuffed up nose, headache and sinus pressure. What a relief! I'm definitely going to continue going to this center. Thanks Nancy and Efren for your dedication to helping people feel better.


Nancy and Efren are dedicated and honorable with their patient's health being their top priority!