Meet the Office Staff

Office Manager

My journey with True Natural Health began on April 1,2019 when I came on board as the office manager. After years of eating out routinely and being a smoker for six years it was time to make a change. I would have to say that God was ready for me to make that change before I was. Coming on board meant that I was to begin a program. From day one I began to get tested and the results thus far have been extraordinary. I do not smoke anymore; this was partly due to Nutrition Response Testing and mostly the supernatural work of God delivering me from that addiction through prayer. Once I was delivered from smoking, I became very sick, having stopped cold turkey. Efren and Nancy where able to support me naturally as the chemicals drained out of my body and the healing process to my organs began. This was in June of 2019 and since I have been on the journey of changing my eating habits.

Being that these habits of been instilled into my lifestyle ever since I can remember I do find it a process that is at times not so easy. However, I will say that it is completely worth it, as I see the results and turn around in my health. The way I look at it, being that I am 27 beginning these habits now and making the changes necessary will be beneficial as I do age. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the opportunity to gain the restoration of my health through Nutrition Response Testing. It is a privilege to work for Efren and Nancy, God has blessed me with incredible bosses. We are like family here at True Natural Health and I personally invite you to be apart of the family. God Bless you!